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08/02/11: Being a 58 year old Woman, I was not sure how I was going to like this book about a young girl called Rain, but I loved it. Rain was a beautiful girl and the book was well written.I would have loved to keep on reading more about Rain growing into a beautiful young woman after coming of age like all of us girls did and all of the many that come after Rain will. I am so glad I was able to read and review Rain Plays Barefoot for Jennifer and hope in the future to be able to read more and review more books like this one for Jenifer. I do not think this book has any age restrictions because it is a wonderful read for all ages.Buy this and you will fall in love with Rain as I did. RAIN PLAYS BAREFOOT by Jennifer Steen. Publisher: Books to go Now. Pub. Date 07/08/2011

  1. I have an awesome Author’s interview for this story if anyone is interested at http://www.jensteen.net

    Great site, and great review!

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